Blazor Screen Reader

Designed specifically to improve web accessibility for users utilizing screen readers. This component does not have a user interface of its own; instead, it empowers developers to provide essential text information to users who rely on screen readers to interact with web content.


JavaScript Independence: This component operates seamlessly without requiring JavaScript, offering a lightweight and straightforward solution.

Rendering options: Render your component as various HTML tags for maximum flexibility and integration.

Learn about core component features

Simple screen reader

<BlazorButton type="button">
    Read this button
    <BlazorScreenReader ScreenReaderText="The user will hear this text" />



Name Type Description
RenderAs string Specifies the HTML tag to be used for rendering the component. This can be any valid HTML tag, such as div, span, button, or other suitable tags.
ScreenReaderText string Specify the screen reader text.
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