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What is Blazor Library?

Since its initial release in 2018, Blazor has rapidly gained popularity, emerging as one of the most widely adopted frontend technologies globally. One of the key factors contributing to this popularity is its extensive use of components, allowing developers to create modular elements that can be easily utilized and reused within applications. Blazor Library is a comprehensive collection of pre-designed components, complemented by powerful features such as multi-themes, an online theme generator, the ability to define themes for custom components, and much more. Its primary objective is to equip developers with the essential tools necessary for crafting rich and immersive user experiences.

Why Blazor Library?

Blazor Library stands out as a native and robust component library meticulously crafted from the ground up, designed to be both accessible for beginners and rewarding for seasoned experts. Our suite of UI components maintains a consistent visual style throughout your application, while offering an extensive array of customization options to cater to a wide range of use cases.

Flexible Components

Each component within Blazor Library adheres to Mozilla's web development specification and boasts an extensive array of customization possibilities, accommodating diverse design preferences. Blazor Library serves as a unified solution that harmonizes various CSS frameworks and design styles, providing a versatile toolkit for frontend development.

Optimized Performance and Faster Load Times

Blazor Library takes a proactive approach by striving to address problems and deliver functionality without relying on JavaScript as the first solution. It also takes a deliberate approach to reduce JavaScript dependency, ensuring that only the necessary JavaScript files are loaded. This results in a substantial reduction in the initial load time of your web applications. By loading only what's required, Blazor Library minimizes unnecessary overhead, allowing your users to access your application more swiftly and enjoy a seamless, responsive experience.

Active Developments

Blazor Library has been undergoing dynamic and continuous development since 2022. Our commitment to addressing community issues and feedback with remarkable speed ensures that you can benefit from bug fixes and enhancements more frequently. Our release cadence generally follows this schedule:

🔨 PATCH (Weekly): We release patches on a weekly basis to swiftly address and resolve any critical issues or bugs that may arise. This rapid response allows you to have a stable and up-to-date experience.

⛏️ MINOR (Monthly): Monthly, we introduce minor releases that bring new features, improvements, and optimizations to the Blazor Library. These updates are designed to enhance your development capabilities and keep your applications current.

⚒️ MAJOR (With .NET version release): Our major releases align with the release schedule of the .NET framework. These substantial updates introduce significant enhancements, innovations, and compatibility with the latest .NET versions, ensuring that your Blazor Library-powered applications remain cutting-edge.

Ready for more?

Explore our comprehensive installation guide at here to get started with Blazor Library and unlock its full potential for your web development projects. Dive into the installation process, and discover how Blazor Library can streamline your frontend development and elevate your user experiences.

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